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The Monster March action song package teaches 14 parts of the body and key verbs of movement.

Kids act out scary aliens from outer space who terrify everyone with their frightening appearance and gestures. Watch the teaching video.

Package Description

This is what you get:


  • Two MP3 files of "The Monster March": the guide-voice version for teaching
        and the kids' version for school performances.
  • Songsheet.
  • A full teaching actions video that shows you how to teach the action song
        through mime. 
  • Teacher's Notes and Lesson Plans:  suggestions on how to use your
       package in class and using the song in class.
  • A set of 10 graded, photocopiable worksheets for recycling the song's  
        language and vocabulary in class or for homework.


Sample Files

Please find below a sample MP3 clip of one of our songs and example PDF files.

Song sample

pdf download Sample Package File (opens in new tab)

pdf download Sample Package File (opens in new tab)

Vocabulary and language

The Monster March will help you teach fourteen parts of the body and twelve action verbs in a way your class will never forget!

mp3 file The Monster March - Guide voice version

mp3 file The Monster March - Kids' version

mp3 file The Monster March - Teacher's Notes

mp3 file The Monster March - Teaching Actions

mp3 file The Monster March - Words

mp3 file Worksheet 1 - Colour the Monster

mp3 file Worksheet 10 - Silent Monsters

mp3 file Worksheet 2 - Create your own Monster!

mp3 file Worksheet 3 - Dancing The Monster March

mp3 file Worksheet 4 - Monsters Battle

mp3 file Worksheet 5 - True or False

mp3 file Worksheet 6 - Strange Meetings

mp3 file Worksheet 7 - Draw a Monster Alien

mp3 file Worksheet 8 - Monster Cloze 1

mp3 file Worksheet 9 - Monster Cloze 2

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